200 Harley-Davidson Riders Gave Dying Man a Touching Final Sendoff

Photo credit WBST-TV
  • 200 Harley-Davidson riders made a dying man’s last wish come true.

  • Jon Stanley was dying of cancer and wanted to hear the roar of a Harley V-Twin one final time.

  • A call to action brought 200 Harleys to his house, instead.

The general public may look at bikers, among them Harley-Davidson riders, as a rough and uncouth bunch, but truth is, bikers are just as human as everyone else. Think about it: Charity rides, toy runs, visiting orphanages, and the list goes on.

Jon Stanley was an avid biker who had recently purchased a Harley-Davidson Softail. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with terminal brain and lung cancer soon after and was forced to stop riding.

As he laid dying, he had one last wish: To hear the roar of a Harley-Davidson V-Twin through his window for one final time.

Stanley’s brother contacted a local Harley rider David Thompson in South Bend, Indiana through Facebook and relayed the man’s wish. Thompson acted immediately by setting up a call to action also in Facebook.

About 200 Harley-Davidson riders responded in less than 12 hours. They got organized and rode en masse to Stanley’s house.

Stanley’s family and bikers carried him into a sidecar and a collective 250,000cc of American V-Twin thundered in unison.

Stanley fought his last battle with cancer and passed away later that night.

Here’s a big cheer to David Thompson who made the call and the bikers who made Stanley’s finish wish come true.

Source: WBST-TV



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