20 Funniest Motorcycle Memes

  • There are memes that describe our motorcycling lifestyle the best way.

  • Thousands can be found online.

  • Here are 20 funniest motorcycle memes.

The weekend’s coming up, so we thought we’d share some fun stuff rather than the usual technical articles. But what better way to share the fun of motorcycling through these 20 Funniest motorcycle memes.

Come to think of it, humanity has sure come a long way from counting using seashells to using personal computers for generating memes.

Okay, okay, let’s get to it.

1. Mo’ Powa’

Don’t let your MC go to waste. Instead, get on your bike and ride to Genting. We’ll bet you that your illness will clear right up.

2. Before, After

Count yourself lucky if you have a spouse who rides his/her own bike.

3. BRB

There’s always a valid reason to ride. The route is entirely up to you.

4. Dramatism

Why be ashamed if you crash? Just be creative when asked how you crashed.

5. Performance per cc

Pretty much sums up the difference of performance among different engine capacities.

6. Hard choices

Your salary just came in. Do you pay the bills or buy that exhaust?

7. I… Kill… You!!!

Touching another person’s bike is a no-no. Achmed the Dead Terrorist said it.

8. Pinjam motor kat member (Loaning your bike to a buddy)

Sure, we’d smile and keep saying “It’s okay, it’s okay, no problem” when our buddy loans our bike but it’s actually to calm ourselves.

9. Helmet hair

Happens to both genders. You expect to look sassy when you take off that extra pretty (read: expensive) helmet but…

10. Adults are just grown up kids

Raise your hands if you had this kind of childhood (not the basikal lajak these days).

11. Just don’t stall it!

Just don’t stall the engine afterwards. Don’t ask us how we know.

12. How do you feel when you ride?

It takes too many words to describe the feeling when we ride. Just show them this meme.

13. Don’t worry

Out of sight, out of worry.

14. Riding for dummies

Definitely not-on-the fly.

15. Be right out


16. Smart man

He’s right, you know. Should always make space for the family.

17. What is adventure?

Would it be if everything went according to plan?

18. She’s the one

Hold on with everything you’ve got if you find her!

19. Can’t ride

Especially when your wife withholds your “visa” to ride to Thailand.

20. Crashing Part 2

Although it’s for bicycles, this meme is too funny and we had to include it.



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