KTM Malaysia Orange Enduro 2018 – Round 2

  • The KTM Malaysia Orange Enduro 2018 series moves to KTM Malaysia’s Enduro Track at Sungai Buaya.

  • It attracted 101 entries, divided into 7 categories.

  • This round also added the Dual-Purpose and Women’s Categories.

Round 2 of the KTM Malaysia Orange Enduro 2018 saw even greater participation than Round 1 held in Sungai Petani, Kedah in April.

KTM Malaysia Orange Enduro 2018 Round 1

101 participants accepted the challenge to put their skills on the line in going up against fellow competitors in this all-make event.

Participants and their teams had started setting up their pit area and motorcycles from as early as 7am, accompanied by a constant stream of registrations right up to the start of proceedings. Race series sponsors such as Gracshaw and Shizens (facial care products, whom Gabit is the Brand Ambassador) had also set up their wares for display and branding.

KTM Malaysia’s Sungai Buaya track layout had been altered to provide an even greater challenge to the riders eliminate advantage through familiarity. KTM Malaysia’s factory rider Gabit Saleh and trials rider Acoi Pangkolo has worked throughout the week and night before the event to ready the track. The former laid out the enduro zones such as hill climbs, jungle tracks, whoops and jumps while the latter prepared the obstacle zone complete with large tyres and log crossings. The lap distance had been expanded to approximately 6-km long.

A safety briefing was carried out before the start of the race and competitors had their bikes fitted with transponders to accurately log their times.

The weather was hot and dusty throughout the day.

ED5 – CubCross Open

Proceedings got under way with the “smallest” class. As the name implies, these motorcycles started out as underbones, better known as kapchais, and were modified to carry longer travel suspension and among other things for off-road duties.

Being “Open” means a competitor could bring any Cubcross bike regardless of engine capacity or type.

Ahmad Kamarul Munir (#50) took the holeshot at the start and left everyone in the dust with a comfortable lead at the fall of the chequered flag. Hafizi Bin Usman (#78) crossed the line in second, while Ahmad Jafri Bin Razali (#22) completed the podium.

A total of 13 riders took part in this category.

ED4 – CKD Open

This class is meant for locally-assembled dirtbikes. As such, it was inundated with Kawasaki KLX150 and KLX250s. 23 participants took to the starting grid and they were given 30 minutes to complete as many laps as possible.

There was a fight for the lead began from the start. Besides that, the action soon got very entertaining for the crowd as the riders started making mistakes after mistakes. The logs proved especially troublesome for the 150s due to their low ground clearance.

Muhamad Amirul Bin Ramli (#42) pipped Muhammad Faiz Zulhilmi Bin Fasli (#94) by just 0.7 seconds at the finish line.

while Ahmad Kamarul Munir crossed the line less than 0.5 second behind the no. 2 placed man.

ED3 – Veteran Open

Action continue afterwards with the Veteran Open category, which is open to riders above 40 years old. The class saw a total of 18 riders. They were allocated 30 minutes plus 1 lap.

Asdin Udin led from start to finish, taking the checkered flag almost 2 minutes ahead of Richard Lim and 3 minutes from Mohd. Sanusi Bin Mohd. Yaman.

ED6 – D-P Rally

The D-P Rally (dual-purpose rally) is a new addition to the KTM Malaysia Orange Enduro 2018 series and is open to adventure motorcycles 650cc and above, attracting 11 entries.

Most of the participants had just completed the GIVI Rimba Raid Mat Daling jungle rally last weekend.

Ahmad Daniel Haiqal made a lightning start and rode with his trademark aggression ahead of Wong Chun Hing (better known as Bee Wong).

But Bee ran into a hole too hard and overstretched his chain, causing to slip repeatedly off the rear sprocket. He had no choice but to stop his KTM 1190 Adventure for repairs while other competitors passed him.

Ahmad Daniel Haiqal kept pushing hard on his Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro but a mistake relinquished his lead to Shamsul Azhar Abu Hazim (Acoi Pangkolo). The latter started riding harder after that point to open up a healthy gap all the way to the finish.

Bee then pushed hard to repass the field, save for Shamsul and Haiqal to finish third.

ED2 – KTM Open

This category is open to KTM dirtbikes only.

Ahmad Daniel Haiqal also participated and went on to win some 45 seconds ahead of Lai Wai Seng and 3 minutes ahead of Muhd Hazim to capture the second podium of the day.

With 24 entries, this class is an indication of the number of KTM dirtbikes in circulation.

However, the hot and dusty conditions took its toll on many riders; there were 8 non-finishers.

ED7 – Women Enduro

As with the D-P class, the Women Enduro category is a new addition to the KTM Malaysia Orange Enduro 2018. The category is directly sponsored by Malaysian comedian and celebrity, Achey Bochey, who is an enduro rider himself.

There were just two registrations in the morning but the number of participants increased to 9 by the start of the race.

These ladies could not only ride but race too. The trio of Nur Haziyah Bt. Ramli, Nor Hasinah Mohamed and Siti Noor Safira Binti Mustafa were locked in a battle from early on, but it fizzled into a straight fight between Nur Haziyah and Nor Hasinah.

Nor Hasinah had led most of the race until she made a mistake which put here down and was passed by Nur Haziyah who romped home to take the win.

ED1 – Open Category

This is the premier category of the series, which attracts the top off-road riders in the country, including the aforementioned Ahmad Daniel Haikal, Muhammad Khairul Afif and Muhd. Habibullah Muhd. Saleh @ Gabit, among a total of 15 riders.

The action was fierce between the three in the early part of the race, before Haiqal pulled out a large lead from the rest of the field. But again, a mistake cost him dearly; to which Afif and Gabit capitalized on. However, both riders took it easy by the latter stages of the race, allowing Afif to win from Gabit by 10 seconds. Haiqal recovered to finish third, a distant 2 minutes behind.


The KTM Malaysia Orange Enduro has shown that off-road competition is healthy in Malaysia as the number of competitors are increasing by each round. KTM Malaysia’s decision to organize the Orange Enduro is also a positive gesture in allowing enthusiasts and pros to the opportunity to race and gauge their standards, regardless of the brand of motorcycle they are riding.

In fact, other manufacturers do not even organize their own off-road events on such a scale, despite the level of enthusiasm displayed at the Orange Enduro, including the dual-purpose and women’s categories. Look at how many participants signed up for the GIVI Rimba Raid Mat Daling the week prior.

There was also a huge turnout of spectators, which easily outnumbered the participants by 2:1.

It’s time for other manufacturers to step up to the plate.


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