X1R: The Another Version of Yamaha LC135

Yamaha X1R Thailand Black

Yamaha X1R Thailand Blue

Yamaha X1R Thailand Yellow Showroom Bike

Yamaha X1R Front Head Lamp

Yamaha X1R Rear Lamp

Yamaha X1R Thailand version of Yamaha LC135 is a very special model. It has front and rear brake disc whereby most of the other version only has front disc brake such as Yamaha Sniper (Bermuda) and T135(Europe).
The design of the bike is also very different when compared all of the other version of the LC135. It look much more naked, meaner and more manly. The rear lamp is designed well to suit the overall radical look presented by the absence of front head lamp on the head cover. The front head lamp is being replaced to lower position that is on the fairing. This remind me the look of new Nuovo that is Nuovo LC. It is good design and I think a lot of Yamaha LC135 like to have their bike to resemble this look.
Yamaha X1R also have another version in Thailand that is Yamaha Spark 135i, and as the name suggest it is being equipped with fuel injection.
For those who are looking to convert their bike to resemble X1R, read the post here.
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