Racing Boy Modified Yamaha 135LC Auto Show Bike

Racing Boy Modified Yamaha 135LC Auto Show Bike

On Jan 1 – Jan 9, 2011, GTMax Motors has held a carnival at Shah Alam. One of the attending participant is Racing Boy. Here, they bring their show bike that is Yamaha 135LC equipped with many of their latest parts offering. The show bike looks great in matte black.

I have write a short review about it and 11 more pictures after the jump

The front mods includes the usage of RB FG511 forged rim that cost about MYR2600+ along with 300mm gold brake disc plate (01-DS5291F-GL). Brake caliper is 4-piston version II series attached to the master pump with Goodrich brake hose.

The rear section got an upgrade in the swing arm with the installation of RB alloy swing arm(MYR380) in orange colour. RB chain tensioner (MYR120) also being used to complement the overall swing arm orange colour. If wonder what is the size of the sprocket, it is at 33T428  for the rear. The front sprocket is not visible for me to look at it.

Rear disc brake caliper is 2-piston (MYR200) from RB latest series to grip the 220mm orange disc plate (MYR180). Goodrich brake hose (MYR150) is again use to make sure the brake fluid can flow from the master pump to the brake caliper.

GT Racing exhaust is equipped for the exhaust gases to exit from the combustion chamber.

RB white monoshock suspension(MYR200) is being used to absorb the bump from the road. This suspension is much firmer than the stock suspension, so, it can perform better on cornering at high speed. Anyway, comfort are going to be sacrifice as it is not as absorbing as the stock suspension.

Solcar security key system(MYR180) is used by this show bike for added security and also add more style.

KOSO Uma Racing Speedometer (MYR400) are used for better information display for the rider and add nice function with the availability of the gear shift light on the top center of the meter. This meter also able to show many more function like, battery voltage, engine temperature and many more.

The overall orange/black look are further finished with the use of RB orange hand grip (MYR40) and RB gold brake lever (MYR100).

In my opinion, this bike modified bike by RB are nice and simple with all the important thing are modded beautifully. The orange/black colour combination fits well and looks very professional.

Are you inspired now?

Price are estimation only, might be cheaper or more expensive.

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