Racing Boy Air Valve Stem for Tubeless Tyre


At first, I don’t know what this parts is to be fitted. After reading the comments on the Racing Boy FB page, then I know that is the parts to be fitted to the wheel with tubeless type tyre. This air valve stem is also known as tubeless head, ‘kepala tubeless’, tubeless valve and some people just call it tubeless here in Malaysia.


Normal air valve stem is straight type, whereby this Racing Boy air valve stem is L-shape. This will give you easy access to pump in the air to your tyre. We have always encounter many problem when pumping in the air to the tyre. I had once hit the hot exhaust pipe with my hand while getting air to the tyre at petrol station. Not a nice experience. I’m hoping this L-shape Racing Boy air valve can prevent that to happen and at the same time, add style to the the bike.
The material used by this Racing Boy air valve is also in good quality compared to the cheap air valve stem. The cheap one use steel that is easily rust after few month of using it. Rust can damage the style of your bike and also it can deteriorate up to a point it cannot keep the pressure inside the tyre.
I personally like the features and construction of this Racing Boy air valve stem. Hoping to install it soon!

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