NOB1 Silent Sport Series Exhaust for Lagenda/LC135 from Indonesia

NOB1 Silent Sport Series Exhaust for Lagenda/LC135 from Indonesia

There are a lot of aftermarket exhaust nowadays for most cub bikes such as AHM, YY Pang, NOB1, SR7 and lot more.
Most of us change the exhaust are whether to upgrade the performance of the bike or to have it looks good. But this one from NOB1 model Silent Sport Series seems like having another target market. They target bikers who want to use high performance exhaust but wants to keep the sound level down. You can get top speed from it but it doesn’t produce any sound (that is what is stated on the brochure).
NOB1 is an exhaust brand from Indonesia. The price for this exhaust is higher than AHM and YY Pang which is made in Malaysia. I guess the price is higher due to import taxes and delivery charges.
Even though this exhaust is silent, you should know that this is racing performance parts. So, makes no mistake about its power.
This exhaust is available in most bike shops. Price? Check it yourself!

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