New Bikes In Thailand: Honda Wave 110i & Yamaha Mio MX

Honda Wave 110i (PGM-Fi)

Yamaha Mio MX (a.k.a Yamaha Ego in Malaysia)

Two new bikes has been recently launched in Thailand. Expect these bikes to come to Malaysia soon.
I guess Yamaha Mio MX (a.k.a Yamaha Ego) will definitely makes it entry to Malaysia. Yamaha Mio MX is the new version of previous Yamaha Ego S (Yamaha Mio Soul anywhere else) here in Malaysia. Maybe the name in Malaysia is Yamaha Ego MX?
Also, Thailand have another Fi bike that is Honda Wave 110i. Previously, Honda have introduced Honda Wave 125i with Fi which is the first Fi cub bike. I also think this bike will make it to Malaysia since the Boon Siew Sdn Bhd is taken by Japanese entity that is Honda Motor Co. The new company is named Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd.
I really hope we can see lots of changes in motorbike environment in Malaysia since we are really way behind our neighbouring country like Thailand.
Some says that Malaysia motor market is not big, that’s why most manufacturer tends to focus their new model on country that have much larger market like Vietnam, Thailand, Philippine and Indonesia.
Some burning question here, will the price of the Fi bike higher than carburetted bike? What about repair, will it cost much higher?
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