MotoXpo Day 5- Stars Appearance [UPDATED!]

Earlier today around 12pm, MotoXpo welcomes Safee Sali which is the striker and captain for Pelita Jaya football club in Indonesia. He is one of the famous striker in Malaysia. He is brought to MotoXpo by SYM and in fact he ride SYM Evo 250i. When ask what SYM means, Safee said it means “Safee Yang Menunggang” (translated=Safee Ride This). He also did some demo and give away prizes to the lucky winners there. Thanks to SYM for bringing in Safee Sali!

At 6.20pm, we were thrilled to have Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies at MotoXpo to meet their fans. Funny thing happened when one of the fans wore a Rossi cap, and Lorenzo spotted it. He show a gesture to the fan that means ‘no, not Rossi’. So, the fan turn the cap backward and Lorenzo signs the poster. It was funny to see that Lorenzo take notice of it.

We also got see the appearance of Tokey from the Jambu Maharaja Lawak show on Astro. He was giving away the prizes to visitors and make a little bit comedy on the stage. I got the chance to take the picture with him. Funny guy and easy to approach.

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Johan Raja Lawak was also there after that but he just come as a visitor and not to do a show at MotoXpo. He was invited by bro Hisham after the interview in

Overall, the last day of the MotoXpo KL 2012 are packed with star appearance and we hope you guys all have fun there. We hope to see you again soon with bigger and better show. We would to apologize if there are some mistakes from us somewhere on or off the show. Thanks readers and thanks MotoXpo KL 2012.


Note: The bottom article is from the morning session.

Today is the last day for MotoXpo KL 2012. This morning we can see the arrival of Suzuki Hayabusa. A lot of it. You can see it up close and personal near the Creative Makeover booth.

One of the interesting bike from MotoXpo today that I have seen is the Kawasaki ZRX1200. It is there all along but I missed it yesterday.

It is equipped with 1200cc and the price is just RM64,900. You can check it out at Kawasaki booth.

Kapcai magazine booth is also there. You can buy the old issue of the magazine at low price just in case you missed it out earlier at the newsstand.

I’ll updating more about it in few more hours in this same post. When it is updated, I’ll mark it updated on the post title.

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