Honda CBR250R Test Ride Registration

Honda CBR-250R Test Ride Registration

Honda Malaysia has offered to test ride their upcoming bike that is the Honda CBR-250R on their webpage. The webpage is accessible here at:

I have registered my name there and I think you should too. 250cc bike is a great entry-level superbike for us, moped riders to upgrade our ride as our age (and money) progresses. I am thinking to get the Kawasaki Ninja 250R with the fuel-injection, but for now, I’m still saving for it. I like to experience higher torque and higher horsepower under my control along the road with wind-blowing to my full-face helmet and feel the freedom of biking.

Honda CBR-250R will be officially launched in mid February 2011 in Malaysia. All the details like pricing, dealers and other information will be available at that time.

Estimated price is at MYR 23,600 (based on market value of new 250cc bikes). 1 more picture after the jump

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