G.P.R. Motorcycle Exhaust Systems from Italy for Superbikes

Yamaha YZF-R1 with G.P.R Exhaust System

With G.P.R. you get it all – the quality, the look, and the performance of the best and most expensive racing pipes available. From concept to final welding and packaging each G.P.R. exhaust is the product of over 40 years of experience at the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Milan, Italy

G. P. R Manufacturing Facility in Milan, Italy
Team of exhaust experts

G.P.R. uses the latest computer aided design techniques, then extensively track and dyno tests each prototype exhaust to find the best combination of horsepower and torque. Once the best design is found, production exhausts are hand fitted and hand welded one by one to match the prototype.

Research and Development
Test bench

G.P.R. racing exhausts feature beautiful hand TIG welding, super strong and lightweight 304 alloy stainless thin wall construction, true tapered headpipes, and gorgeous silencers that are light and enhance the power with a deep tone that is unmistakable. It’s difficult to overstate the quality, construction, and performance of G.P.R. pipes – they are that good. Our own dyno has shown bikes gaining as much as 8 HP without any fuel adjustments! Expect another 2-4 HP with proper carb jetting or FI mapping adjustments.

Assembly of exhaust
Welding by hand
Special welding machine
Curve Machining
Dyno Test


To reward readers of MotoMalaya who are interested in getting another brand of high performance exhaust, Yoshi Marketing is doing a joint promotion with MotoMalaya to reward the loyal readers of and also celebrate G.P.R’s first birthday in Malaysia!

Please Call or SMS 016-7211291, say that you are a reader of and receive a special quote from them. (Please note that GPR Exhaust system are available to big bike riders only.)

G.P.R is a hand made product from Italy and who also produces OEMs for Harley Davidson big bikes under their sub brand- Thunderline.
More updates about G.P.R soon!

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