65mm Racing Engine Block for Yamaha 135LC by X1R

65mm Racing Engine Block for Yamaha 135LC

65mm block for Yamaha 135LC

Yamaha 135LC modifications never seems to be slowing down at any time. The day it first introduced and up to this days, there are still modification parts for the 135LC made by many third-party company. This time, it is Y-Teq time to introduce the 65mm racing engine block for the popular 135LC.

One this that is noticeable from this engine block is the absence of water jacket surrounding the cylinder area and there are two pipes protruding out from the engine block. Since 135LC is liquid-cooled bike, it needs to have water to absorbs all the heat from the combustion of the fuel inside the chamber. So, this engine block still have water surrounding the combustion chamber to takes away the heat but it is now built inside the engine block itself. To make the water flow nicely, the two pipes acts as inlet and outlet pipe for the water to move in and out the engine block.

Based on my calculation, you have upgraded your displacement from 135cc to whooping 195cc after installing this kit! That is an increase of 60 more centimeter cubic of fuel to burn.

Anyway, my mechanic told me that there will some consequence that you need to consider. Your connecting rod will wear easily, engine will run hotter, fuel economy will get worse, clutch will slip and many more.

Available at many motorcycle workshops in Malaysia.

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