US ‘mat rempit’ try to escape from police caught on camera!

Image source: Clevescene

A recently uploaded YouTube video showed a group of US ‘mat rempit’ trying to escape from the police.

Street riders from the US are popular with doing insane stunts of public roads with their dirt bikes and ATVs.

Everything was caught on camera from one of the riders’ action camera mounted on his/her helmet.

Image source: Boston Herald

In every country, there’s always a group of motorcycle riding hooligans that enjoy the chaos of riding wildly on city streets. Here in Malaysia, we have ‘mat rempit’ but in the United States of America, they take things to whole new level (including the police who try to apprehend them).

A YouTube channel called JustPoliceVideos recently posted a group of rowdy individuals trying to escape the Boston Police on the highway. Everything was caught on camera from one of the individuals who recorded everything on his action camera mounted on his/her helmet. How this person escaped was nothing short of spectacular (which goes to show the incredible things people can do when they’re in desperate situations).

Image source: NPR

Riding their dirt bikes and four-wheeled ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), these motorcycles are very popular amongst street hooligans in the US for their ability to perform riding stunts effortlessly. When they have the numbers of bikers sometimes in the hundreds (and even thousands), they sometimes take to the streets and even close down highways.

Image source: Baltimore Sun

So when the Boston Police decided to conduct a huge operation to catch some of these American ‘mat rempits’, chaos followed quickly as they try to escape. With most of the dirt bikes and two-stroke scooters being very light, they simply picked their bikes up over the highway dividers and rode off away from the officers (but not everyone was spared as some were taken into custody).

Image source: Fiveprime

Our Malaysian counterparts have been seen performing similar acts sometime last year. In an effort to run away from the roadblock organised by the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), these young Malaysian individuals decided to throw caution into the wind and risked their lives (and other road users) by going to the centre of the highway and climbed the road divider to get to the other side.

Breaking the law is something that we here at Bikes Republic are fully against. We urge everyone to think of the safety of all road users and the lives of others before doing anything remotely dangerous. A summons or ticket will cause you some money but it’s not worth risking your lives (and others) to escape from it.

Ride safe, everyone!

Ride safe and responsibly, everyone!

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