Top reasons why the Ram Jam Festival 2018 rocks

  • The Ram Jam Festival 2018 concluded its first-ever event last Sunday at the Gasket Alley, PJ.

  • Major highlights of the festivities were Museumoto, Miss Bombshell, music, food, and many more.

  • Thousands attended the event where it was concluded with some of the finest artists and the World Cup finals live viewing.


The first ever Ram Jam Festival 2018 was successfully conducted yesterday at the renowned Gasket Alley located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Thousands flocked to the venue where a collection of art, music, classic bikes and cars plus fashion all gathered at this one-of-a-kind event.

We were fortunate enough to attend this prestigious event where it not only drew in the younger crowds towards the lifestyle revolving around well-known bike manufacturers like Moto Guzzi and Harley-Davidson but also how it all began by highlighting the past, present, and future.

Here are our top picks on why the Ram Jam Festival 2018 was awesome as it sounds.

1) Museumoto classic bikes collection curated by Tiga Moto

The classic vibe hit us hard upon entering the Gasket Alley vicinity where a collection of classic cars, bikes, and vintage props along with some beautiful bombshells taking part in the Miss Bombshell Contest but it got way more interesting for us upon entering the ‘alley’ itself.

It was a sight to behold as around two dozen classic bikes from different eras and timelines all gathered at this walkway between all the fine establishments. Curated by Tiga Moto (one of the main residents at the Gasket Alley), we had to stop ourselves from drooling over the fine machines on more than several occasions.

With the tagline “Honour the Past, Celebrate the Present”, Tiga Moto successfully brought some of the rarest and finest motorcycles here in Malaysia and it was a magnificent sight to us and others who attended the Ram Jam Festival.

Attendees were greeted with the likes of a Norton Atlas Dunstall 750, Kawasaki GPz Turbo (also known as ZX750E, etc.) and a couple of super stunning Suzuki Katanas. Each bike has its own story to tell and it just got more and more interesting as you made your way through the alley.

We were also honoured with the presence of some very vintage machines such as a 1939 Triumph 3HW belonging to Malaysian celebrity Wak Doyok, Harley-Davidson WLA, and a few Ducatis you have to see to believe. We’re talking about a rare Desmo 851, 916 Senna, and one lovely Paul Smart 1000 LE.

But wait, there’s more! Love Japanese? Apart from the already awesome Suzuki Katanas, there were also some super prized possessions on display like a Yamaha TZR250, Yamaha RZV500R, Kawasaki Z1 aka “Zephyr”, and many more.

It was easily one of the biggest highlights of the Ram Jam Festival 2018 and by the looks of it, Tiga Moto will continue with their Museumoto initiative as a yearly event and we can’t wait for the next one!

2) Fashion from all walks of life!

From clothing lines to beauty care products, there’s no ending in surprises when it comes to the Ram Jam Festival 2018. A galore of beautiful ladies dressed up in getups from the late 1940s and 50s greeted everyone and anyone upon arrival. And that’s just the start, folks.

As you made your way through Moto Guzzi and browse through some of their finest machines, the fine folks from Suzzy Helmets set up shop at the back to showcase some of the best craftsmanship we’ve seen done by local self-taught talents when it comes to customised helmets.

An array of custom helmets was on show and the main man responsible for all of the awesome creations is Shahid al-Warith or more popularly known as Kecik. What started out as a hobby birthed from a fiery passion led to some amazing custom creations that’ll go great with anyone with a classic or custom bike.

Other honourable mentions that made the Ram Jam Festival even more happening were exhibitions held by MuthaPuaka apparel, photography art exhibition by Brian Ong, Electric Dreams Tattoo Collective, and many more. So much more.

3) Get your beauty on with Kiehl’s skincare products!

As we made our way to the back of the Gasket Alley, we were pulled into the Stronghold Cycles establishment where a lot of happenings were taking place. Apart from the wide array of motorcycle apparels on display, Kiehl’s Malaysia also took the opportunity to showcase their beauty care products for both men and women.

Their wide selection of premium skincare products together with their specialists gave expert advice on proper skincare regimes and products to fellow attendees. To make things even more exciting, a simple dart game basically guaranteed free Kiehl’s product giveaways to those who played!

(QUICK NOTE: This particular editor won himself a Men’s Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash and the results after a whole day at the Ram Jam Festival was more than impressive, to say the least.)

4) Flaunt your art skills with Dirt Army and more!

Those who wanted to get their art skills on got their hands dirty with some paint at the several workshops. One of them is the Ram Your Kicks DIY sneaker custom workshop where interested individuals got their artistic skills on some unique and colourful sneakers from Vans. Not a bad way to flaunt your creative expressions to the world.

5) Free MotoGP tickets from Shell Malaysia!

The folks from Shell Malaysia made were also there to promote the upcoming Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix happening at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) from 2 to 4 November 2018. Attendees to the Ram Jam Festival 2018 also had the opportunity to win some MotoGP tickets just by following a few simple steps.

As most of you have already know, this year’s MotoGP round in Malaysia is set to be the biggest one yet. The boys from Ducati, Honda, and Yamaha are fighting for the world championship and amongst the best of the best, our very own Hafizh Syahrin is battling out for the 2018 MotoGP Rookie of the Year title. If you feel like going to see the races live, this year might be the best one yet!

Image source: MotoGP

6) Turn up the heat with Miss Bombshell 2018

Those who went to the Gasket Alley might have noticed a few hotties walking around all dressed up in nostalgic costumes from the 1940s and 50s as well as the 60s. They’re not just there to spice things up but also as part of Malaysia’s first ‘pin-up girl’ contest called the Miss Bombshell 2018.

It was a sight to behold as they made their beautiful presence felt around some of the world’s most sought-after classic cars and bikes. The competition went well into the night where the girls competed in their most amazing costumes for the title of Miss Bombshell 2018 and a grand prize of RM8,000!

7) Music, music, and more music!

Any event is not completed without some musical entertainment and the Ram Jam Festival 2018 certainly didn’t disappoint. Set up right in between the Gastro Alley filled with the finest food trucks in Klang Valley and the skate ramp filled with high-flying skateboarders, attendees were presented with some fine music.

Performances from the likes of Golden Mammoth, Ryot Jones, and a few other cool bands kept the happy vibes going through the night and to top things all off, renowned female rapper Zamaera closed off the performances with a huge bang before the event moved forward with the Miss Bombshell and World Cup finals live viewing.

All in all, the first ever Ram Jam Festival 2018 concluded its first-ever event with a huge success. By the looks of things, we won’t be surprised if the next one will be bigger and more awesome. It was an amazing night for those who attended where it was good fun for the entire family.