These are the leaked specs of the final Ducati Panigale R!


July 7 is the date where the world will see what could possibly be the final final final Ducati Panigale. Ducati has sent out tease after tease (see video below) and has even let the world know that July 7 is an important date.

July 7 is also the date where the MotoGP circus heads to the legendary Laguna Seca, and that is where Ducati will drop the covers on one of the most anticipated superbikes of this year. It is also an important date because apparently the new final final final Panigale R will be the last Ducati superbike featuring a L-Twin engine. Ducati will be switching over to an all-new engine format, back in January of this year, CEO Claudio Domenicalli had confirmed that the Italian bike maker will be ditching the much loved L-Twin for a more mainstream V4 engine.

The next generation Ducati superbike will no longer feature the iconic L-Twin, and will instead revert to the aforementioned V4 format, which is favoured by Japanese bike makers like Yamaha and Honda for being rich in torque, and incredibly smooth.

But for now, what will the final final final Panigale R be like compared to the flagship Superleggera? Well, apparently a Ducati dealer had leaked some information on to the internet, and this is what we have found out:

Mark July 7 on your calendar and tune in to Bikes Republic for the latest on Ducati’s final L-Twin superbike.