New Colours for 2018 Yamaha X-Max 250

  • Hong Leong Yamaha Motor announced the new colours for the 2018 Yamaha X-Max 250.

  • The basic selling price remains at RM 21,222 (not on the road).

  • Delivery begins from this month (Decembr 2018).


Hong Leong Yamaha Motor has announced new colours for the 2018 Yamaha X-Max 250.

The two new colours are simply called Matt Blue and Matt Red. The basic selling price remains at RM 21,225.00 (not on the road). They are on sale from this month (December 2018).

The X-Max maxi scooter is Yamaha’s entry in the luxury scooter segment. It features Yamaha Blue Core technology, ABS, TCS (traction control system), LED position lamps and taillamp. (Please read our full review here.)

There’s also a copious storage space under the seat which could accommodate a backpack with 15-inch laptop and full-face helmet. Two cubby holes in the front of the rider add more space.

The engine is rated at 22.8 bhp (16.8 kW) and is punchy enough from the low end to its top speed of a little more than 140 km/h. But it is also very economical. We managed to clock 324 km from 11 litres. Mind you, we tested the X-Max at high pace almost all the time.

However, what we loved most was the suspension. Unlike other scooters, the front wheel didn’t flick back and forth or wobble when we slammed the bike into corners. The front end remained stable even when we charged through corners at more than 130 km/h.

The seats were definitely on the comfortable side without any sharp points. Only negative point was it pushing the rider’s legs wide, making the bike seem taller than it really was.