Motorcycle Innovation Plans to Build New TS3 “Shockwave”

  • Australia’s Motorcycle Innovation has received new funding to build a new TS3 ‘Shockwave’ model

  • The current TS3’s chassis developed from 2012 is equipped with the Triangulated Steering and Suspension System

  • The new TS3 Shockwave will use Ducati’s 1198cc Testastretta engine with an overall weight of only 110kg


Following an announcement made by Motorcycle Innovation from Australia via their Facebook page, the innovative prototype bike manufacturer has received a huge funding to develop a brand new TS3 model called the ‘Shockwave’.

Now, why should the world take notice about this particular company based down under? Well, they have developed something called a ‘Triangulated Steering and Suspension System’ equipped in their current prototype dubbed the Motoinno TS3.

The start-up company has been developing their TS3 model since 2012 and with over 500,000 Australian Dollars worth of investment by the Queensland Government and private company ACAC Innovation, they are set to push their technological boundaries to even greater heights.

Their current system as part of the motorcycle’s chassis has achieved positive results showing that the TS3 technology is much more stable as compared to the traditional telescopic fork technology which has been vastly adapted in the motorcycling world. The innovative steering and suspension system is set to overcome the limitations set by the conventional telescopic forks.

According to Australian Motorcycle News, the current TS3 powered by Ducati’s 900SS 904cc engine can go through corners a second faster when compared to the Suzuki GSX-R750. Just imagine how fast the new Shockwave can potentially go with an 1198cc Testastretta engine. Check out their exclusive video on the present TS3.

According to the founder of Motorcycle Innovation and inventor of the TS3 system, Ray Van Steenwyk, “The Shockwave will use the Ducati Testastretta V-twin engine as a fully stressed chassis member. This will entail front and rear swingarm structures entirely made of carbon composites, plus high-end metals designed to strengthen and lighten the motorcycle’s overall weight to around 110kg. That’s getting on for half the weight of the model from which the engine is derived,”

“With unique styling and patented componentry, the Motoinno Shockwave will set new standards in handling and braking, as well as in power to weight ratios for motorcycles.”

Image source: MCN

The boys also have plans for further development for track use and even in contesting in the European CEV Moto2 races come 2018. With results pointing towards better stability in acceleration, braking and corner entry and exit, it won’t be a surprise if manufacturer will start adapting this technology into production.

Only time will tell if this will be the future of motorcycling. For now, just soak in the beauty of the TS3 and its unique and pioneering steering and suspension system as reviewed above by Isle of Man TT racer and Aussie lad, Cameron Donald. As the late great Steve Irwin would say, “What a beauty!”

Source: Motorcycle Innovation