Motonation 2017 – The Grand Finale

  • Motonation’s roadshow and carnivals concluded today (3rd December) at PICC.

  • The event drew the interest of a large number of corporations, vendors and clubs.

  • The winners of the AMD World Championship for Custom Bikes has been concluded.

  • The winner of the Bakat Besi competition has also been determined.

  • The event’s lucky draw winners will be announced on this Friday (8th December).


1st – 3rd December 2017, Putraja International Convention Centre (PICC) – The Motonation 2017 roadshow that has been touring the country for the past few months came to a grand conclusion over this weekend.

From having just a few vendors and vehicles being displayed at the initial shows, the event at PICC was certainly grand – occupying the main concourse, multiple halls, and all of the outdoor areas – featuring everything pertaining to the automotive lifestyle, regardless is directly or indirectly influenced.

That meant different family members could occupy themselves with different activities and attractions, while not bore the others.

For example, while the main display areas were occupied by automobiles, motorcycles and related products, there were smaller vendors who sold watches, sunglasses, toy motorcycles and cars; JKJR was present to convey the message on road safety, there was a dance competition, and outdoor concerts featuring local bands such as the infamous Indy-band, OAG. There was also a vendor who displayed their awesome feat of completing a replica Harley-Davidson Evolution engine completely from Lego blocks! Tayman Chua decided to show his airbrush skills by “tattooing” visitors – FOC!

The major players in the automotive industry were present, including Petron, X-1R, WD-40, Modenas, Shell, Brisk, Audi, Ricoh, etc.

Besides the specialist car and motorcycle customizers such as Eastern Bobber, Beautiful Machines MC, FNG Works, The Rusty Factory, Taymen Airbrushing and many, many more.


Speaking of Modenas, the competition based on their motorcycles, called Bakat Besi saw FNG Works’ creation winning the contest, with a novel creation which even carried a skateboard.

Besides that, run for the first time in Malaysia, Motonation had invited Neil Blaber of AMD Magazine to judge the custom bikes in the running to representing Malaysia during the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building 2018. In the end, it was Eastern Bobbers’ ultra-radical entry which won the ticket to Intermot, beating the entries by Beautiful Machines by a whisker.

The event started slowly on Friday, before picking up on Saturday and had the crowds packing into the halls and outdoor areas on Sunday as the news got out.

There was a trial riding demonstration by Acoi Pangkolo Riders on Saturday evening, while today saw pocket bike races.

Motonation is also holding a lucky draw for ticket holders to the event, which the Grand Prize is an Audi A3, iPhones, iPads, amongst other great prizes. The winners will be announced this Friday.

There were of course voices of criticism, as the event areas were too spread out over such a vast area, besides other teething problems, but do remember that this is only Motonation’s first year in the automotive event segment and being able to draw the massive number of prestigious corporations, vendors, motorcycle and car clubs, hold a custom motorcycle competition is more than commendable. Motonation will learn and will improve for the next one.

We’ll leave you with the Photo Gallery below.