Kawasaki J Concept three-wheeled motorcycle is back?

Kawasaki USA has recently released a video on the 2018 Kawasaki J Concept three-wheeled motorcycle.

It seems that Kawasaki is back on the three-wheeled motorcycle train with this brand new video clip.

The J Concept is able to communicate flawlessly with the rider and carries several riding modes which allow a complete change on the bike’s characteristics.


Kawasaki USA recently released a short two-minute video on what looks like one of their directions for the future. The clip primarily focused on a brand new three-wheeled motorcycle entitled “Kawasaki | New Heights (J Concept)”. Is Kawasaki refocusing back on their three-wheeled technology?

The video started out with a number of major milestones achieved by Kawasaki Heavy Industries over the years. A number of firsts from the Japanese manufacturer was shown while a rider riding the infamous Kawasaki H2 before evolving into a 3D animated character riding the J Concept.

This time around, the video imagery suggested that the future J Concept will be able to communicate efficiently with the rider regarding road conditions and motorcycle setups. The most interesting aspect of the video is the fact that the J Concept can change to a three-wheeler in ‘Upright Mode’.

The ‘Attack Mode’ showed a much more aggressive stance in which it makes the bike lower to ground giving better aerodynamics although it might induce a backache considering how bent the rider’s back was in the video.

Kawasaki and three-wheeled concept is not actually something entirely new. The first ever J Concept was unveiled back in 2013 during the Tokyo Motor Show. Introduced by Kawasaki President Shigehiko Kiyama, the J Concept is said to ‘explore the attractive possibility of an adaptable transport platform that is fun, easy and convenient’.

Will the J Concept the first competitor for the ‘primed for production’ Yamaha Niken? Only time will tell and we’re guessing that this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Kawasaki will bring something quite special indeed.

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