JPJ Issues Arrest Warrants to 40,000 Motorists over AWAS

Credit soyacincau
  • JPJ has blacklisted and issued arrest warrant to 39,311 motorists for not settling their AWAS fines.

  • 98,850 summonses were issued after the installation of 45 AWAS cameras in September 2018.

  • Traffic offenders have 60 days to settle their summonses or be dragged to court.


The JPJ (Road Transport Department) is making serious demands into unpaid AWAS (Automatic Awareness Security System) summonses.

According to Bernama, 98,850 summons notices were sent out after 45 AWAS cameras were installed in September 2018. However, only 10,876 of the summonses were settled as of 21stJanuary 2019.

As such, the JPJ proceeded to blacklisting 39,311 motorists with unpaid summonses. Worse, arrest warrants were also issued to them.

JPJ Director General Datuk Seri Shaharuddin Khalid said, “Traffic offenders have 60 days to settle their summonses beginning the date the summonses were issued. JPJ will take the cases to court for prosecution (upon expiry of the 60-day period).”

He added that 39,358 drivers were prosecuted in court as of December 2018.

The Director General also said that the department plans to implement four more AWAS cameras at the Menora Tunnel after the Chinese New Year this year.

Our recommendation to our readers is to quickly check in portals such as see if have outstanding summonses. While you may be able to appeal to lower your fines in court, you may also run the risk of being fined higher. Plus, no one enjoys having the Police showing up at your doorstep or workplace to serve the warrant and arrest you.