Honda Big Bikes 0% GST prices drop up to RM4,740!

The Honda BigWing Centre in Setapak has released their latest bike prices with 0% GST.

Future Honda Big Bike owners can enjoy savings between RM1,229 all the way up to RM4,739.

To know more, head over to any authorised Boon Siew Honda dealers located across the country.


The Honda BigWing Centre located in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur has announced their latest prices thanks to new government’s announcement of 0% Goods and Services Tax (GST). Those of you who are interested to get your very own Honda Big Bike (250cc and above) should take action like right now.

The price difference is certainly something worth looking into as soon as you can since the reinstatement of the Sales and Services Tax (SST) has not come into play just yet. From the entry-level Honda CBR250R all the way up to their latest Honda X-ADV and Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin, the savings are sublime.

CBR250R tri-colour 21,728.94 20,499.00 -1,229.94
CRF250L 24,378.94 22,999.00 -1,379.94
CRF250 RALLY 28,618.94 26,999.00 -1,619.94
CB500F 31,363.28 29,588.00 -1,775.28
CBR500R 31,681.28 29,888.00 -1,793.28
REBEL 500 31,798.94 29,999.00 -1,799.94
CB500X STD 31,893.28 30,088.00 -1,805.28
CB500X ABS 35,391.28 33,388.00 -2,003.28
CB650F STD 44,730.94 42,199.00 -2,531.94
CB650F SE 44,995.94 42,449.00 -2,546.94
CBR650F 47,115.94 44,449.00 -2,666.94
X-ADV 61,478.94 57,999.00 -3,479.94
X-ADV SE 63,598.94 59,999.00 -3,599.94
AFRICA TWIN STD 74,198.94 69,999.00 -4,199.94
AFRICA TWIN Adventure Sport STD 77,378.94 72,999.00 -4,379.94
AFRICA TWIN DCT 80,558.94 75,999.00 -4,559.94
AFRICA TWIN Adventure Sport DCT 83,738.94 78,999.00 -4,739.94

So far, only the Honda Big Bikes has confirmed their new prices. For the rest of the models made available by Boon Siew Honda (BSH) which are lower than 250cc, stay tuned to Bikes Republic for more information.

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