Harley-Davidson electric bike coming in 2019!

The first ever production Harley-Davidson electric bike will make its appearance as early as 2019.

Based on their successful LiveWire concept, the electric bike is just one bike out of 100 new models to be introduced in the brand’s 10-year plan.

The exciting news came together with announcement of drop in sales revenue at the end of 2017 and closure of their Kansas City plant.


It was just a few days ago when Harley-Davidson CEO Matthew Levatich announced that their first ever Harley-Davidson electric bike will go into production as soon as 2019. This exciting announcement came together with some not so exciting news related to the brand’s drop in net income at the end of 2017 together with the closure of their Kansas City factory.

Harley-Davidson seemed very hopeful this time around especially with the electric bike announcement into their 2019 line-up. This news will ultimately bring the once hot LiveWire concept into the production stage. This is just one small part of their gigantic 10-year plan where H-D has their eyes set on introducing a whopping 100 new models!

Harley-Davidson confirms 100 New Models + One Electric Bike!

A fully-electric cruiser would be an interesting addition but the brand has to tread carefully as electric machines are still in the ‘hit and miss’ stage. Although electric vehicles are getting more recognition as we head into the future, maintaining the true spirit of the brand that’s powered by an electric motor would be the true challenge.

Their 2015 LiveWire concept however did get a lot of positive feedbacks especially with how fast the torque punches out. On the other hand, the bikes will need to be build from another source as the company who was mainly responsible for the LiveWire (Mission Motors) is no longer operating. H-D will most probably produce everything in-house for this upcoming electric machine.

The future is ‘electrifying’ and with more and more manufacturers hopping on board the green energy train, simply coming up with an electric machine is no longer the issue. Come 2019, things will need to be quite revolutionary in order for them to be exciting but more importantly, relevant.

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