GIVI Malaysia Launched Blog and GIVISTA Community

  • GIVI Malaysia has launched a blog space and GIVISTA Community.

  • The blog highlights products, lifestyle and trivia.

  • The GIVISTA Community highlights GIVI users’ activities.


GIVI Malaysia has launched a blog in their website and a GIVISTA Community in Facebook recently.

It is of no doubt that GIVI is world famous for their products. However, one may not be aware of just how extensive they are. The company has products for motorcycles of all types and engine capacities, from scooters all the way to the open-class adventure-tourers.

As such, the two new platforms provide up-to-date news and information about the latest products. However, there are certain differences between the two.

GIVI Malaysia’s blog at only features the latest products but also a mix of articles. You may find write-ups on practical applications for the  products, first-hand accounts of using them and other trivia such as the company’s involvement in motorsports.

The GIVISTA Community Facebook page on the other hand is as the name suggests, is where a community of GIVI users share their experience, rides and most of all their love for GIVI products. One may also find the latest updates on GIVI Malaysia’s activities, for example, invitation to convoys.

You may also visit more information.