Free Donut for Parking Haphazardly

Free Donut - Photo credit Hendri Febry K
  • An Indonesian motorcyclist was thought a lesson about parking haphazardly.

  • Having obstructed a stall, the stall owner retorted by replacing the front wheel with a donut.

  • So, please let’s park our motorcycles with thoughts to others.


Pop quiz: What you do you call a tyre or wheel in Indonesia? Answer: “Ban” (pronounced “bun”). But a motorcyclist found his bun replaced with a donut.

We’ve always come across motorcycles being parked everywhere: in between cars, up on the sidewalks, on open areas, in front of shops where’s there’s “no parking.”

In fact, that’s what happened in Jakarta, Indonesia.

A stall owner found a motorcycle parked overnight right outside his premises. The vehicle’s owner had not asked for permission to park there, nor gave second thought to how he might impede the flow of customers.

But the stall owner got the last laugh by replacing the bike’s front wheel with a donut.

The sight of a motorcycle with a donut as the front wheel was tweeted by Hendri Febry K @ndanrii and it went viral. Of course, some amusing replies ensued, including this one from N. Firmansyah, “Astaga. Mau dosa takut ketawa (Oh my god. I want to laugh but I fear it’s sinful).”

Now the motorcycle owner can have a donut for breakfast while waiting for his wheel to be replaced.

Surely there are Malaysian drivers who thought of doing so. So, please let’s park our motorcycles in designated lots or at least that they don’t obstruct others.