Farmer breaks neck in bike accident; holds head up by hair & rides home for help

A 73 year old farmer from Australian breaks neck in a bike accident near his cattle farm in Victoria near Melbourne.

Still conscious but knowing that he had broken his neck, the man rode back home to call for help while holding his head up by the hair.

Doctors confirmed that he broke his C1 and C2 vertebrae but is expected to fully recover after a successful surgery.


The older generation is seen by many as weak, frail and have troubles in dealing with the modern world. There are a few exceptions where they proved us wrong big time by performing something so badass that they blew our minds with some of the world’s most amazing feats.

This time around, we are referring to a particular 73 year old gentleman from Australia who was unfortunately involved in a terrible motorcycle crash near his farm last month. Situated in Victoria, the man who goes only by the name of Jim was checking for hatching grasshoppers near his farm when he unexpectedly hit a hole and banged his head hard on the ground.

The impact was so hard that it literally broke his neck but not too hard to knock him out cold. Knowing that something was very wrong when he couldn’t hold his head upright, 73 year old Jim kept it straight by pulling his hair and rode his motorcycle for about 500m back to his home to call for help.

According to Jim himself in a report made by Sunrise – Yahoo7 News, “I cracked my head on the ground but I don’t think I was knocked out. I got to my feet. I knew there was something seriously wrong. My head wouldn’t stay up.”

After riding back home and called for help, an ambulance came and took him straight to Austin Hospital in Melbourne where doctors confirmed that he had broken his top two C1 and C2 vertebrae. To remedy the injury, the doctors installed a halo with four bolts in the man’s skull and he’s expected to make a full recovery.

That is without a doubt one of the most badass stories we’ve heard so far. Get well soon, Jim. You old tough guy, you…