Ducati Shows Off Anti-Collision Technology

  • As more cars are being fitted with anti-collision systems, Ducati is also developing theirs.

  • Developed together with Audi, the system uses the 5G network.

  • The system will warn the rider about upcoming danger but may apply the brakes automatically in the future.


Every motorcyclist knows that a collision with another vehicle sucks, but we push the thought to the back of our minds, like smokers who are aware of the dangers of smoking. Ducati aims to reduce the number of collisions with a new technology they developed together with Audi.

Called the Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) tech, it builds a picture of vehicles in the vicinity to provide situational awareness. It works over the developing 5G mobile network.

Ducati and Audi recently demonstrated the system’s controlled collision avoidance by using a Multistrada and two cars. The vehicles communicated with each other to avoid the impending disaster. There were two types of assistance, called Intersection Collision Warning and Across Traffic Turn Collision Risk Warning.

Key points of C-V2X

  • Ducati Advanced Radar Assistance System reads the road and monitors multiple vehicles simultaneously.
  • It senses slowing vehicles and warns the rider of a potential problem. It may reduce speed or brake automatically in the future.
  • A rear radar system detects obstructions in the rider’s blind spot and highlights it in the rear-view mirror.
  • Ducati and Audi say all vehicles will communicate with each other in the future and avoid collisions autonomously.
  • The technology also seeks to communicate with roadside obstacles such as traffic lights, road signs and speed limits.

The system provides warning to the drivers and rider of the dangers at this moment, but further development could see vehicle autonomy being gradually fitted to motorcycles. Autonomous cars are starting to come into the market as we reported previously (click on the link below for more information).

Self-riding Motorcycle to Test Autonomous Vehicles

The systems in cars automatically applies the brakes to avoid a potential collision even before the driver is aware of a problem. This solution is not only available in luxury cars as the new Perodua Myvi is equipped with an earlier iteration of the system.

While pundits may be scoff about autonomy, remember that the ABS was also derided when it first came into the market. But it is now the single component that had saved the most lives.

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