Check out the limited edition 2018 KTM RC390 R!

KTM has announced the homologated and very limited edition track-ready 2018 KTM RC390 R.

Designed to be more track-friendly, KTM is also offering a full Supersport 300 race kit for the RC390 R.

Priced at €8,500 (around RM40,901), the RC390 R is limited to just 500 units worldwide.


Calling all KTM fans! KTM has just announced the very limited and super exciting 2018 KTM RC390 R. This homologated version has been equipped with a load of track day goodies to blast through circuits looking and feeling like a pro rider.

How limited is this bad boy? There will only be 500 units available worldwide so if you want, better be quick about it (if you can manage to order one in time). The 2018 KTM RC390 R comes with a fully-adjustable WP suspension package together with a new race-ready triple clamp and handlebar kits for a more optimum racing stance.

The engine has been retuned for a slightly wider powerband which allows for better performance delivery throughout the rev range. If all of these are not good enough for you, then maybe a full race kit to ultimately change the RC390 R into a competition bike for the Supersport 300 series might get your senses tingling with excitement.

The homologated SSP300 race kit comprises of over 230 parts that’ll change the track-friendly RC390 R into a circuit-eating monster race machine. We’re talking Akrapovic full system titanium exhaust, race ECU, STM slipper clutch, quickshifter, race radiator, harnesses, wheels, gears, and race body kit just to name a few.

If you feel that the RC390 R is rare already, KTM is only going to produce 50 race kits each year at a price of €11,000 (around RM52,931 after direct conversion). The 2018 KTM RC390 R will set you back about €8,500 which is around RM40,901.

Quite a big some to pay but there’s no better and complete way to get a full race-ready Supersport 300 bike without sourcing to several different places. Got some cash to spend? We reckoned that KTM Malaysia can help you out if you’re interested in getting one.

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