Certified Superbike Technicians are now in demand!

  • As motorcycles become ever more complex, technicians of higher knowledge are in demand.

  • More and more owners send their bikes to official workshops due to that complexity.

  • TOC Automotive College offers the Superbike Technician Course geared towards that goal.


Believe it or not, one of the greatest challenges of superbike ownership in Malaysia – and probably globally for that matter – after acquiring the bike of your dreams, is where to get it properly maintained. The bike industry is no different from the car industry when it comes to repairs and maintenance, with many owners either taking their pride and joy back to the official importer, or to someone they are familiar with at a workshop they’ve been going to for years and years.

Add to the fact that the motorcycle scene in Malaysia has been growing steadily over the last few yearswith so many new superbikes from various bike-makers have being introduced in rapid succession, there has never been a time when certified and qualified superbike mechanics were more in demand than right now.

Please click on the link below to know why it’s important to have certified technicians working on your bike.

Why it is Important to Have a Certified Technician Working on Your Bike

And on a more personal note, we all have that one favourite superbike technician that we consider “a friend” and whole-heartedly recommend our fellow bikers to take their bikes to when they have a problem don’t we? So who’s to say that technician couldn’t be you! It’s a growing market that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, and here’s your chance to be part of it…

TOC has developed a special “Superbike Technician Course” (SBC) to assist in what can only be described as a rapidly growing industry, as aforementioned.

The TOC SBC is made up of three levels of academic and career development, and all one needs is a minimum Form 3 education to apply for this 18-month course, which includes practical work-experience with TOC’s industry partners. The levels include:

Level 1:

  • Motorcycle workshop safety
  • Application of related study
  • Basic metal work and introduction to motorcycle technology
  • Power generation system (engine)
  • Repair and maintenance of motorcycle fuel & ignition systems
  • Supervised Industrial Training (SIT 1)

Level 2:

  • Repair & Maintain motorcycle engine systems
  • Power transmission system
  • Chassis – steering & suspension systems
  • Chassis – braking systems
  • Motorcycle service and maintenance
  • Supervised Industrial Training (SIT 2)

Level 3:

  • Motorcycle electrical systems
  • Drivability & Performance testing
  • Transmission system overhauling
  • Engine overhauling
  • Elective Programmes on specific motorcycle brand
  • Supervised Industrial Training (SIT 3)

Furthermore, upon completion of the 3-level course, career opportunities will abound in the fields of the motorcycle manufacturing industry, motorcycle assembly plants, motorcycle spare parts stores, motorcycle dealerships, motorcycle service & repair shops, Superbike Technician, or you can start your own motorcycle service and repair workshop.

Interested? Refer to the flowchart below to see the process from the start of your journey to become a Certified Superbike Technician with TOC!

The TOC SBC process:

TOC SBC Costs per Level:

TOC also provides ‘100% education loan’ for attending the SBC, which you can find details of at https://www.toc.edu.my/toc-bina-bakat-program/ , or email info@toc.edu.my for more details. TOC Automotive College is located at:

So what are you waiting for? If it has always been your dream to work in the motorcycle service line, or to start your very own motorcycle workshop, then this is the perfect platform to get you started on the path to achieving your dreams. Don’t wait, find out more about the TOC Superbike Technician Course at www.toc.edu.my or call (+603) 7960 8833 for more details.

To know more about TOC’s Superbike Technician Course, CLICK HERE! (Link to the link below)