Cagiva set to make a comeback in 2019

News in the motorcycling world has indicated that Italian manufacturer Cagiva will make its comeback in 2019.

Currently owned by MV Agusta, Cagiva will be revived as a brand that will produce electric motorcycles.

Their new models will be unveiled later this year (most probably during EICMA 2019).


Attention to all Cagiva fans! The Italian motorcycle manufacturer is planning for a major comeback in 2019. This new and surprising announcement was made together with the fact that the new models will make their debuts by the end of this year. We’re guessing it’ll be during EICMA in Milan, Italy.

Cagiva is well-known for manufacturing some of the world’s most iconic motorcycles from the Cagiva Mito sports machine to the dual-sport Elefant. While we are excited about Cagiva’s revival, their parent company which is MV Agusta has different plans for the brand. VERY DIFFERENT plans.

MV Agusta will station Cagiva under a segment of a vehicle that they’ve never endeavoured in before. Come 2019, Cagiva will be producing electric motorcycles! Specifically, a motorcycle between an e-bike and a fully electric motorcycle which will rival companies like Alta and Zero.

According to MV Agusta CEO Giovanni Castiglioni, “I believe in electric. There is a great potential, and we are making a project there – under another brand – which is Cagiva. We are investing in lightweight fun vehicles, bikes. Let’s say in-between…it’s a family. It’s a family that goes between a bicycle to a Zero-type bike, but different.”

There’s also new pointing towards Cagiva reviving as an off-road brand where it’ll fit in nicely with MV Agusta’s pure road machines. With that being said, we might just see the triumphant return of the Elefant green electric machine instead of the one using internal combustion.

If it all goes well, it’ll surely be a very good thing for MV Agusta. We’re guessing that this particular segment has huge potential in Europe but still leaps and bounds ahead of what Asian countries are currently into. Although, we wouldn’t mind if they make an electric-powered Mito.

Will they? We certainly hope so. Stay tuned to Bikes Republic to know more.