BMW’s upcoming GS310R baby Adventure bike could look like this

Rendering of the BMW F310GS / GS310R baby Adventure bike

For a number of years it was an open secret that BMW was going to build smaller bikes for the lucrative entry-level market but engineers and company executives either kept mum about it or avoided it altogether.


So when BMW finally did confirm the rumour, it was more of a “I told you so” moment rather than a more celebration-worthy “wow, that’s brilliant” kind of moment.

Whatever it is, the end product is going to be brilliant. I say brilliant because upon meeting it at it’s debut last year (read about it here) it felt good, high quality, and had the all important BMW-esque-ness to Motorrad motorcycles. I’m talking about the BMW G310R, that small naked bike that BMW is building in India in collaboration with Indian motorcycle manufacturer, TVS.

And while the G310R is yet to make it’s debut, it is already spawning its own variants – an Adventure model and a sports model with full fairings. And things are already begin to get into a roll with this rendering on how the upcoming F310GS could possibly look like.


Indian automotive portal Rush Lane posted this exclusive rendering of the upcoming baby-Adventure bike created by Pratyush Rout, described as the “guy behind the renderings” at

The new bike will almost definitely be powered by the same 313cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine as the 310R. Mated to a 6-speed transmission, it produces 31hp and 28Nm of torque. You can expect this figure to change with the engine and gearbox tweaked to better suit tour riding.

What will be different though is an increase in ground clearance, tyre and rim size, handle bar width and the seat.

Looking a lot like the current F700GS, this rendering may not be too far off the mark.

It is reportedly expected to be called either the F310GS or the GS310R.

The upcoming BMW 313cc baby sports bike is based on this, the TVS Akula 310
The upcoming BMW 313cc baby sports bike is based on this, the TVS Akula 310

The sports model is also said to be quite a looker with power to match, read about it here or check out the G310R promo video below.

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