BMW Motorrad Officially Unveils New 2019 R 1250 GS and R 1250 RT

  • BMW Motorrad are quick to officially roll out the new 2019 R 1250 GS and R 1250 RT.

  • Both bikes will receive the new 1254cc Boxer with Shift Cam.

  • Both models will also see a number of upgrades besides the engine.


(Pictures courtesy of BMW Motorrad.)

Yes, as we had published earlier, BMW Motorrad decided to unveil the R 1250 GS and R 1250 RT even before the Intermot show.

So, what is all the bru-ha-ha with these two bikes, you ask?

The BMW R 1200 GS is simply the world’s best-selling motorcycle and is the cash cow for the Bavarian manufacturer. But other manufacturers are starting to encroach into BMW’s market share and it is time to move the yardstick. The obvious part to start with is obviously the liquid/air-cooled Boxer engine which began production in 2013.

As we had reported earlier, the new 1254cc Boxer is now equipped with Shift Cam, BMW’s variable valve timing apparatus. The powerplant now yields 136 bhp and 143 Nm of torque. 136 bhp is still behind the likes of the 160 bhp KTM 1290 Super Adventure among others, but according to BMW, even 125 bhp was enough.

Anyway, let us get on with a few details of the new models.

2019 BMW R 1250 GS

  • The 2019 GS is looks outwardly similar to the current R 1200 GS except for a few changes.
2019 R 1250 GS in Granite Gray
  • Standard equipment will include Road and Rain riding modes, ASC (automatic Stability Control), HSC (Hill Start Control) and ABS Pro (Cornering ABS).
  • An optional Riding Modes Pro package which adds Dynamic riding mode and Dynamic Traction Control (DBC).
2019 R 1250 GS in Cosmic Blue
  • Specifically for the R 1250 GS, the package further adds Dynamic Pro, Enduro and Enduro Pro.
  • There is also Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) which prevents unintentional acceleration when braking.
2019 R 1250 GS in Exclusive paint scheme
  • The R 1250 GS will get a new 6.5” full-colour TFT display. Vehicle and connectivity functions are controlled via the standard BMW Motorrad Multi-Controller wheel.
  • LED lighting is standard, while LED DRL is optional.
2019 R 1250 GS TFT screen
  • Optional “Next Generation” Dynamic ESA is available for the GS. ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment).
  • As with the current ESA and ESA Dynamic systems, the suspension load and damping characteristics can be selected with the press of a switch, but adds a number more modes such as “Dynamic” and “Dynamic Pro,” plus “Enduro” and “Enduro Pro” just for the GS.
2019 BMW “Next Generation” ESA Dynamic
  • The new R 1250 GS will line up includes an off-road oriented R 1250 GS HP.
  • The HP is loaded up to the gills with off-road equipment. Optional for HP is the sports suspension with extended travel.
2019 R 1250 GS HP
  • There are four new colour schemes – two basic and two in striking style.
  • The basic versions are Blackstorm metallic and Cosmic Blue metallic. On the striking side, one is the Exclusive which combines Blackstrom metallic and Night Black.
2019 R 1250 GS in action
  • The other is the HP, finished in BMW’s racing colours and emphasizes off-road capabilities.
2019 R 1250 GS HP in action

2019 BMW R 1250 RT

  • Much of the updates to the R 1250 GS were carried over to the R 1250 RT.
  • The new RT looks similar to the current R 1200 RT at first glance but there are a number of distinguishing differences, apart from the cylinder head covers.
2019 R 1250 RT in Alpine White
  • The front brake calipers have been uprated, there are engine spoilers underneath the stator cover, the exhaust downpipes curve further back, and of course, the R 1250 RT badge.
2019 R 1250 RT in Elegance paint scheme
  • The engine tuning, performance and gearing ratios are unchanged from the GS.
2019 R 1250 RT in Sport paint scheme
  • There are also two riding modes, “Road” and “Rain” besides ASC (automatic Stability Control) and HSC (Hill Start Control) as standard.
2019 R 1250 RT in Option 719 Spezial colour scheme
  • The RT gets a 5.7” full-colour TFT display, flanked by analog speedometer and tachometer, but no connectivity options yet.
2019 R 1250 RT instrument panel
  • Owners can upgrade to “Next Generation” Dynamic ESA; an option unavailable on the current R 1200 RT.
2019 R 1250 RT view of the office
  • LED headlights and LED DRL are optional.
2019 R 1250 RT in Option 719 Spezial colour and optional brown seat
  • Colour options are basic option in Alpine White, Option 719 Spezial in Blue Planet metallic and Sparkling Storm metallic, Sport option in Mars Red metallic, Elegance in Carbon Black metallic.
2019 R 1250 RT in action