BMW Motorcycles Expected to be Cheaper

  • All manufacturers are gearing up for setting GST to 0% from 1st June 2018.

  • These are the expected new prices of BMW motorcycles in Malaysia.

  • Time for a new BMW, perhaps?


BMW Motorrad Malaysia has revised the prices of BMW motorcycles in accordance with the Government’s directive to set the Goods & Services Tax (GST) to 0% beginning 1st June 2018, in the interim before reimplementation of Sales & Services Tax (SST).

While we have not received an official line from BMW Motorrad Malaysia, reduction in price is definitely on the cards for every manufacturer.

Please refer to the table below. Please note that the prices are speculative at the moment in view of the said reinstatement of the SST later. BMW Motorrad lists their prices previously as “on-the-road without insurance with 6% GST,” thus we arrived at those figures below by subtracting 6% off the current price.

The S 1000 RR HP4 Race notwithstanding, we see a reduction of between RM 1,614.00 (G 310 R) to RM 10,194.00 (K 1600 GTL) in reduction across the board. But perhaps more interesting are the R 1200 GS lineup which sees a drop in prices between RM 6,174 (R 1200 GS) to RM 7,194.00 (R 1200 GS Adventure TFT).

Is this the best time to buy a new BMW? Yes, it is.

Another interesting note: In an interview earlier today, Tun Abdul Daim bin Zainuddin mentioned that the government is targeting an annual revenue of RM 30 billion through SST, against the RM 42 billion collected in 2017 through 6% GST. Does this mean SST will not be set at 10% as expected?

We do hope so.