AGV unveils world’s first full carbon fibre flip-up helmet

AGV has unveiled the 2018 AGV Sportmodular, the world’s first full carbon fibre flip-up helmet.

Weighing in at just 1,295grams, the new AGV modular helmet is designed with the highest level of safety, design and functionality.

Being as safe as their top-shelf AGV Pista GP R, the helmet is priced at $749 (around RM2,896) in North America.


To celebrate their 70th anniversary, Italian premium helmet manufacturer AGV has unveiled the world’s first full carbon fibre flip-up helmet. The 2018 AGV Sportmodular launched in the North American market was designed as the world’s new standard for the modular or flip up/flip front helmet segment that pushes the elements of safety, functionality, and comfort to a whole new level.

Through extensive research and development in motorsports especially MotoGP, the latest AGV modular helmet is one of the lightest and well-balanced lids that sits just at 1,295grams. Its design highlights the highest levels of safety in a super compact package. AGV also stated that this baby is as safe as their top-shelf AGV Pista GP R worn by the nine-time MotoGP world champion, Valentino Rossi.

Image source: MotoGP

With AGV known for pushing the boundaries of helmet evolution, their latest Sportmodular is the first and only flip-up helmet made entirely of carbon fibre including its chin guard. Thousands of hours were spent in the wind tunnel to provide excellent soundproofing, ventilation as well as high-speed stability.

It’s more common for touring riders to sport modular helmets but with the development of touring machines with enough power to rival any sports bike, the AGV Sportmodular ticks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect helmet. We imagined that it would fit right in with the supercharged 2018 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX.

Other features include improved aerodynamics, extended field of view, pressure-free interior fit, integrated anti-scratch internal sun visor, and a titanium double-D ring are all included in this super lightweight flip front helmet.

Those who are interested should know that it is priced at $749 (around RM2,896) in the North American market and there are seven different colour schemes to choose from. To know more, head over to

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