Travis Pastrana backflips a motorcycle on a river!

Image source: Nitro Circus Twitter account

Travis Pastrana became the first ever person to backflip a motorcycle between two barges on the River Thames located in the United Kingdom.

The stunt was performed by the freestyle motorcross legend to promote the latest Nitro Circus international tour called the “You Got This Tour” which will begin next month.

Travis Pastrana is known for many extreme stunts including the first ever person to perform a double motorcycle backflip back in 2006.

Travis Pastrana (Image source: Grind TV)

A few days ago, legendary freestyle motorcross rider Travis Pastrana successfully performed a motorcycle backflip between two barges which are flat-bottomed boats positioned on the River Thames located in London, England.

Yup, that’s him. Upside down between two boats, riding his motorcycle…

That’s right, people. Mr Pastrana decided to backflip his motorcycle on a river between two floating boats. Although this idea sounds as crazy as it looks, there’s no better person to perform such an amazing feat. Years of experience and wining multiple world championships in freestyle motorcross, Travis Pastrana has had many firsts in his life.

Image source: Motor Trend)

Out of all his crazy stunts, he is best known to perform the first ever successful double backflip in competition which in itself was a momentous feat. Mind you that he performed the said trick way back in 2006. Check it out in the video below.

Back to the backflip over a river. Between the two moving barges were 75 feet of open water. Travis only had 150 feet of runway to get up to speed and an even shorter 36 feet to stop before he reaches the end of the landing barge.

As the founder of extreme action sport collective called Nitro Circus, the stunt was done to promote their latest international tour dubbed “You Got This”. The extreme stunt circus will be going through Europe starting next November until December. Before we end, here’s another first by the man himself; a Frontflip Superman Indian Air. Check it out! #Legend

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