KTM needs no introduction, it has been successful in creating exceptional adventure bikes, the sports bikes it produces are clinical in their performance, and now the brand is also present in the premier class of motor racing – MotoGP. Their motorcycles have showed the big boys how to build great motorcycles, the 1190 and 1290 Adventure bikes are brilliant in every way.

The signature orange colourway of KTM bikes is hard to miss and is instantly recognisable. Owned by CROSS Industries AG and Bajaj Auto Limited, the brand was developed in 1981 but the history goes way back to 1934. Due to financial troubles, KTM was split into four different parks but the KTM-Sportmotorcycle remains as the most commonly associated with the KTM brand with its continued efforts in the parent company’s flagship trade.

Most people would think that their wide range of two-stroke and four-stroke off-road motorcycles is their bread and butter but their inception into the street motorcycle production expanded their production and financial profiles even further. They have also made a rare sports car dubbed the “X-Bow” that can propel itself to a top speed of 217km/h but the performance is even more amazing going through corners in the circuit.

KTM has been heavily involved in all sorts of racing series including motorcross and road races as well. It was in 1974 that they won their first ever championship with the help of Guennady Moisseev claiming the 250cc Motocross World Championship. Another high profile race that KTM is involved in that has been super successful is the infamous Paris-Dakar Rally. Just last January of 2017, KTM filled the podium spots with all three riders Sam Sunderland, Matthias Walkner and Garand Farres finishing the race on board the KTM 450 Rally bikes.

KTM’s efforts in MotoGP have been successful as well. With repeat successes in the Moto3 250cc category, the manufacturer is looking to conquer all three race categories for 2017 with an entry in the Moto2 600cc class and of course the premier MotoGP 1,000cc class with their track rocket, KTM RC-16.

It is safe to say that KTM has a strong presence in the world and in Malaysia, the Duke and RC communities have been gaining massive followings like wildfire. If the smaller bikes don’t float your boat, then one can always opt for the bigger Adventure and Super Duke series. KTM, ready to race.